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ISM Papers

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ISM Papers

Rep.Satur Ocampo

Rep. Satur Ocampo speaking at Peace Caravan rally

US Armed Intervention in the Philippines and the People's Struggle for National Freedom

July 28, 2002

by Satur Ocampo

I cannot recall the names of the two Filipino soldiers who, on the warm moonlit night of February 4, 1899, were shot at and killed by American sentries, nor, indeed, if their names were ever recorded. But whoever they were they are remembered as the first casualties of US armed intervention in our nations affairs. That encounter served as US imperialisms pretext to begin the conquest of the Philippines in earnest and heralded the Filipino-American War - a heroic struggle by the Filipino people against the US whose revolutionary legacy extends to this day. [More]

Bush's 'War on Terrorism' and the U.S. Drive for World Hegemony

by Bobby Tuazon

Never before has U.S. imperialism acquired 'favorable conditions' to boost its two-century project of world hegemony which, up until 11 years ago, had been breached by its power competition with the former USSR. So confident is U.S. imperialism today in gaining a 'moral high ground' after the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks that it is gearing for a full-scale invasion of Iraq, is preparing other unprovoked wars against Iran, North Korea and other countries and is more and more deeply involved in counter-insurgency operations in other nations including the Philippines, Colombia and Nepal. [More]


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