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International Solidarity Mission, July 24-31st, 2002, Philippines

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Dear friends:
I am posting information on the successful International Solidarity Mission here. The ISM Book: Behind The Second Front is ready, please see below - it is a .pdf file and you need Acrobat Reader to download it.

in solidarity,
Victor Wong
Vancouver Association of Chinese Canadians and ISM participant


ISM Book Released

News Release from BAYAN MUNA: Book on the International Solidarity Mission Against US Armed Intervention in the Philippines Launched in Quezon City [September 13, 2002]
A 116-page book on the International Solidarity Mission (ISM) Against US Armed Intervention in the Philippines was launched today during a gatheringof academics, lawmakers, anti-war activists, human rights advocates, church people and members of the diplomatic community at the UP Asian Center inDiliman, Quezon City.

The book entitled, "Behind the 'Second Front,'" brings to light the major findings and conclusions of the ISM, ISM book cover which was held from July 24 to 31 in Mindanao where US troops have set foot on the pretext of the RP-US joint military exercises dubbed as "Balikatan." Supporting documents, affidavits, photos and other reference and evidentiary materials regarding the impactof US military intervention in the Philippines are included in the book. The book also contains country reports written by the ISM participants onthe impact of the US-led war of aggression in Palestine, Colombia, Cuba, Japan, Korea, US, Iraq, and the Philippines. [More]

Final Statement of ISM participants

Statement of ISM participants from the ISM Book: Behind The Second Front:
We, the 68 participants in the International Solidarity Mission (ISM)coming from the Philippines, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, China (Taiwan), Japan, Korea (south), the Netherlands, the United States, and the Philippines have visited Zamboanga City, Basilan, General Santos City and Manila from July 24 to 31, 2002.

We came on a mission in a country that US President George W. Bush declared the "second front" in his purported "war on terrorism" to gather facts, to assess the impact of the presence of US troops and to support the Filipino people's struggle against US military intervention. We met hundreds of people, both those who suffered human rights abuses before and during the US-led Balikatan 02-1, as well as those who support US military presence. [Download ISM Book Part 1] [Download ISM Book Part 2] [Download ISM Book Part 3]

ISM at Peace Caravan rally

ISM delegates attending Peace Caravan rally

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